Family Business - Global Outlook

Fletcher International Exports (FIE) is one of Australia’s most integrated processors and exporters of lamb and sheep meat products.

A private, family-owned company, Fletcher International operates two highly efficient, world-class processing facilities: one located in Dubbo, New South Wales; and the other near Albany in Western Australia.

These two plants have a combined processing capacity of more than 90,000 sheep and lambs per week, which equates to over 4.5 million head per year.

The Fletcher meat processing philosophy has always been to utilise as much of each animal as possible.

Consequently, in addition to lamb and sheep meat products, wool and sheep skins, the company markets a diverse range of high quality co-products.           

The expansion of the company’s farming interests have strengthened the livestock supply chain, while providing a source of quality cross-bred lambs consistently throughout the year.

Secondly, the grain produced at the company’s properties is sold directly to end users in export markets.

To further complement the company’s degree of vertical integration across the business, in 2015 the company-owned Fletcher train was introduced. This train, operating from the Fletcher Intermodal freight and logistics facility adjacent to the Dubbo processing plant, enables the company to maintain total cargo control from production through to delivery direct to Port Botany in Sydney. Likewise, cargo from the Western Australian plant is transported by a unique, efficient road-train fleet direct to the port of Fremantle near Perth.

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