Quality Assurance

The company’s strict Quality Assurance Management Systems ensure consistent delivery of products that meet clients’ specifications and stringent international quality standards. The integrated quality system at Fletcher International’s small stock abattoirs is based on the HACCP and ISO principles for Quality Assurance.

There is constant ongoing review and enhancement of this system through a strong internal audit process. This process is verified by the Australian Government’s authorities, and regularly audited by external country and regulatory bodies.

The Australian Government authorities are responsible for maintaining the integrity of Australia’s animal welfare and food safety standards. Australian Government personnel work in conjunction with the company’s highly trained Quality Assurance staff to maintain compliance with international government requirements at each of the processing facilities, including:

  • Food Safety.
  • Halal Slaughter, through licensed Muslim slaughtermen.
  • Animal Welfare.
  • Product Traceability.
  • USDA and EU Accreditation
  • SGS HACCP Accreditation
  • BRC Accreditation

Each facility operates a laboratory that is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) as per scope on NATA web site. These laboratories are managed by highly trained staff and is equipped with the latest technology to ensure all country requirements and meat hygiene standards are exceeded.


NATA Accreditation Number:

14449 Albany / 14359 Dubbo

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