Meat Processing

With two world-class abattoirs, the Company is at the forefront of the sheep processing industry. With a production capacity in excess of 90,000 sheep and lambs per week, the company is also one of Australia’s largest industry leaders.

With total control of the process and rigid product specifications, Fletcher International Exports (FIE) have a reputation for supplying top quality products around the globe on a consistent basis.

Operating under the strict supervision of Australia's governing bodies at each plant, products produced by the Company not only meet the required standards for export, but exceed these standards through the implementation of a stringent quality management systems.

Utilizing the latest technology as well as attention to detail and a strict food safety and hygiene program, the Company has a brand synonymous with quality. This is recognised all around the world, and is a brand of choice from all sectors of the meat industry.

The company’s own farms provide a regular supply of top quality lambs and mutton, ensuring our customers have a consistent supply of their required products year-round.

The FIE Meat Sales Division boasts an enviable team full of both youthful enthusiasm and many years’ experience. This qualified, young generation has a modern approach, a feel for the industry’s best practices and a solid corporate foundation. Each of the Company’s Sales Representatives has an extensive knowledge of their markets, and are well equipped to assist customers with any new products or processes to enhance their business.

Contact the Meat Sales Team:  Sales Department/Meat

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