The company’s farming interests were started with the core business in mind and this remains the case today.

Continued expansion of company-owned farmland enables Fletcher International Exports (FIE) to consistently supply its customers with prime quality cross-bred lambs throughout the year.

With more than 250,000 acres, the company’s pastoral holdings include over 100,000 acres of cropping, 10,000 acres of irrigation and more than 140,000 acres of prime livestock grazing land.

This land also provides a vehicle to conduct a number of research programs which, in turn, benefit the entire industry.

“…(when I purchased Kiargathur Station) I knew this was sound sheep country, with tremendous irrigation and cropping capabilities.”         

-          Roger Fletcher


Spanning the Australian states of New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia, Fletcher’s properties produce not only high quality sheep and lambs, but also a range of grains, pulses and cotton.

These crops can then be handled through the company’s own grain handling and intermodal freight terminal, ensuring total care and control of the product from Fletcher farms to your door.

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